News and updates of interest to primary health care nurses:

ACC contributions - new from 1 December 2018

General Practices treating patients under ACC's Cost of Treatment Regulations (CoTR) will receive increased contributions from 1 December following approval by Government.

General Practice (doctor, nurse practitioner and nurse visits) will be paid a higher rate for patients with Community Service Cards, with the expectation the patient will pay no more than $18.50 for a GP visit. Their dependants (aged 14-17 years) should be charged no more than $12.50. Additional contributions will also mean the current zero-fees scheme for under 13s can be extended to under 14s.

It is up to individual practices to set their co-payment levels, however ACC says the contributions are set at a level to encourage practices to pass on the benfits to their patients.

These new rates will also apply to practices working under contract - Rural General Practice and Urgent Care Clinics. Contract holders will need to meet the terms and conditions of the contracts.

ACC is reminding practices to invoice at the correct rates from 1 December. "It's important that all health providers know about these invoicing changes to avoid a delay in payment," said Graham Dyer, ACC Head of Provider Service Delivery.

The changes are part of announcements made by the Government in Budget 2018 and apply to both health and injury-related visits.

The new rates can be found here. Ministry of Health also has information about the initiatives available on the TAS website.

Read or download: ACC-related changes to general practice rates (PDF, 276KB)

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Angel Flight NZ - free flight/care assistance for vulnerable people

Angel flight is a voluntary organisation which operates throughout Australasia. They have 120+ planes and volunteer clinicians etc to help vulnerable groups with transport to eg hospital appointments.  They have mainly operated in Northland but they are ready to go all over the country, so please ask if you have clients for who a quick, free flight there and back would make all the difference!

Read or download flier: Angel Flight NZ (PDF, 2.3MB)

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Breast Cancer Research Review

This Review features key medical articles from global oncology journals with commentary from Dr Sheridan WilsonDr Erica Whineray KellyDr Carmel Jacobs and Dr David Okonji. The Breast Cancer Research Review covers topics such as:

  • BRCA gene mutation, 
  • mastectomy,
  • lumpectomy,
  • adjuvant therapy,
  • hormonal therapy, 
  • aromatase inhibitors, 
  • monoclonal antibodies,
  • trastuzumab, and
  • brachytherapy.

Publications are free to receive for all NZ health professionals.

View back issues of Breast Cancer Research Review publications here.  

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For more consultations - which may be of interest, visit the NZNO Consultation page.

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Flucloxacillin Monograph and Notes on Injectable Drugs

These documents have been provided from the Hospital Pharmacists Assn (NZPHA) -  Flucloxacillin Monograph and Notes on Injectable Drugs (NOID’s) – given to us as they are “receiving requests from some GP practices about this book as more injectable medicines are being given in Primary Care...The feedback we have been receiving from the nurses using this resource has been really useful and they appreciate the ease with which they can find the information.”

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Learning Needs Analysis Results

NZCPHCN consulted with its members about what they would like to hear and learn more about. Read the results: Learning Needs Analysis Survey Results 

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Palliative Care Council of New Zealand

"Caring for people in the last days and hours of life: Interim Guidance"

Click to view or download (PDF, 1.3MB)

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Scholarships and Grants

The Nursing Education and Research Foundation (NERF) and NZNO offer NZNO members a range of scholarships and grants. These grants are funded from various trusts including the Gretta and Harry Hamblin Trust and the McCutchan Trust. NZNO also administers a range of other NZNO local and national grants.

For more information please see

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Snippets from NZCPHCN Meetings

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