ICU Research Nurses

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Northland Base Hospital

Bridget Lambert

Auckland City Hospital

Department of Critical Care Medicine
Yan Chen
Rachel McConnochie
Catherine Simmonds

Specialty Clinical Nurses - Research

Auckland City Hospital
Private Bag 92-024
Auckland 1142

Tel: 09 307 4949 ext 23399

Cardiothoracic and Vascular ICU/HDU

Rachael Parke
Nurse Senior Research Fellow
Mob: 021 893 176
Eileen Gilder
Specialty Clinical Nurse - Research
Mob: 021 893 735

Samantha Ryan 
Keri-Anne Cowdrey
Magdalena Butler
Karina O'Connor
Melissa Woollett

Auckland City Hospital
Private Bag 92-024
Auckland 1142

Tel: 09 307 4949 Ext 24489

Starship Childrens Hospital

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Claire Sherring
Research Coordinator
Mob: 021 270 3470
Miriam Rea
Specialty Clinical Nurse - Research
Mob: 021 227 5872

PICU/Level 2
Starship Childrens Hospital
Private Bag 92-024
Auckland 1142

Tel: 09 307 4949 ext 23070

North Shore Hospital

Intensive Care Unit

Danni Hacking
Specialty Clinical Nurse - Research
DDI: 09 440 6963
Robert Russel

North Shore Hospital
Private Bag 93 503
Auckland 0470

Tel: 09 486 8920 ext 8963

Middlemore Hospital

Critical Care Complex

Rima Song
Research Coordinator
Mob: 021 841 934

Vivian Lai
Dinuraj Girijadevi
09 2760044 exn58960

Critical Care Complex
Middlemore Hospital
Private Bag 93311
Auckland 1640

Tel: 09 276 0044 Ext 6360

Waikato Hospital

Intensive Care Unit
Kara Trask

07 839 8899 exn 9565​3
Amelia Butler
07 839 8899 exn 95654

Critical Care Research Department
Waikato Hospital
Private Bag 3200
Hamilton 3240

Tel: 07 839 8899 ext 95653

Tauranga Hospital

Intensive Care & Coronary Care Unit

Jennifer Goodson
Research Coordinator
Mob: 027 484 8699
Jacqueline Shippey
Emma Downard

Intensive Care/CCU
Tauranga Hospital
Private Bag 12 024

Tel: 07 579 8710


Erin Williams
09 3481199 exn 8116/8567

Hawkes Bay Hospital

Penny Clark
06 8788109 Ext 2751
Llesley Chadwick
027-711 7059


Carolyn Jackson
027 304 4346

Wellington Hospital

Intensive care Unit
Leanlove Navarra
Clinical Nurse Specialist - Research
Mob: 021 156 4803
Raulle Sol Cruz
Shanti Olatunji
Chelsea Robinson
Rhoze Sol Cruz
Eden Lasona
Charlotte Latimer-Bell

Intensive Care Unit
Wellington Regional Hospital
Private Bag 7902
Wellington 6242
Level 3, Wellington Hospital
Wellington 6021

Tel: 04 806 0446

Hutt Hospital

Carmel Chapman
027 787 9817

Nelson Hospital

Petra Crone
Charlotte McNab
Jette Coelle
Ilona Hamilton

Christchurch Hospital

Department of Intensive Care Medicine

Jan Mehrtens
Research Coordinator
Mob: 021 609 945
Anna Morris
Stacey Morgan
Tara Burke
Kymbalee Vanderheyden

Dept of Intensive Care Medicine
1st Floor, Parkside East
Christchurch Hospital
Riccarton Avenue

Tel:03 3640 640  ext. 89596

Dunedin Hospital

Intensive Care Unit

Dawn France
Research Nurse
Mob: 022 078 1058

Robyn Hutchison

Intensive Care Unit
Dunedin Hospital
Private Bag 1921
Dunedin 9054

Tel: 03 474 0999

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Intensive Care Research Coordinator Interest Group (IRCIG)

As well as belonging to NZCCCN we are all active me​mbers of the IRCIG, which is:

  • An endorsed sub-committee of the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group (ANZICS CTG) which was formalised in March 2000
  • A collective of dedicated Research Coordinators (RC) who collaborate to support and facilitate the activities of the CTG
  • A subgroup which has representation on the CTG Executive Committee

The specific aims of the IRCIG are to:

  • Provide peer support for ICU Research Coordinators
  • Assist with communication between RCs throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • Endeavour to meet the educational requirements of RCs
  • Promote recognition of the pivotal role of the RC in clinical trials
  • Provide a forum for discussion of issues related to RCs
  • To advise the CTG on issues concerning RCs
  • Promote ICU inter-hospital nursing and RC related research projects
  • Ensure CTG studies receive input from RCs through representation on project executive committees

For further information and questions on IRCIG please contact


Samantha Bates
Research Manager

Department of Intensive Care
Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine
Western Health 


NZ Regional Representative

Magdalena Butler
Specialty Clinical Nurse - Research

Auckland City Hospital

Private Bag 92024   
Auckland 1142  

Tel: 09 307 4949 ext 24489   
Fax: 09 307 4906   


If you are a member of the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group (CTG) and would like to become a member of IRCIG and receive emails please contact us.

IRCIG Mentor Program

The Intensive care Research Coordinator Interest Group (IRCIG) Mentor Program is an initiative of the IRCIG. The IRCIG recognises that many Research Coordinators are new to research and are also working in isolation. Therefore, Research Coordinators often lack the guidance and support, which can be offered by their peers. In order to address this issue, the IRCIG has established a Mentor Program.


The aims of the IRCIG Mentor Program are to:

  • Be a first point of contact for all new Research Coordinators
  • Introduce new Research Coordinators to the IRCIG
  • Form a communication link between the IRCIG and Research Coordinators
  • Be a resource available to Research Coordinators
  • Direct Research Coordinators to other appropriate resources
  • Offer peer support to Research Coordinators

Mentor Program Representatives

There are a total of 8 Research Coordinators within the Mentor Program and each represent a geographical location within Australia and New Zealand. The national New Zealand representative and Australian state representatives are all experienced Research Coordinators who have volunteered for these roles.

New Zealand contact for the IRCIG Mentor Program is Jan Mehrtens from Christchurch Hospital, to contact please email for further information or enquires.

IRCIG web address:

Recently published papers that the Critical Care Clinical Research Nurses have helped to coordinate the study of

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