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Have your say! PNC would like to know how you see the future of Perioperative Nursing in New Zealand. To this end PNC would appreciate you taking the time to complete the following survey. Your feedback will help us focus our support for PNC members.

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The Perioperative Nurses College is a specialty, professional group of NZNO dedicated to the provision of leadership, support, education and professional development of Perioperative Nurses in New Zealand. Perioperative nursing care is provided in a variety of settings including, but not limited to: outpatient departments, day surgery units, intervention and investigative units, radiological departments, surgical inpatient units, operating rooms and post anaesthetic care units.

You can join the Perioperative Nursing College if you are:

  1. A financial member of NZNO, and
  2. Not already a member of three other Colleges or Sections, and
  3. You work or have an interest in nursing that provides care to patients and their families/whanau through the continuum of perioperative care.

Apply online for Registered/Enrolled Nurse Membership - $13 per annum

Apply online for Under Graduate Student Membership - FREE

Free student membership is only for undergraduate nursing students who are studying to become RNs or ENs

  • Download the PNC Brochure (PDF, 259KB) for details of membership benefits or contact the Membership Portfolio.
  • Your annual membership covers the period from 1 April to 31 March of the next year.

Benefits of belonging to the Perioperative Nurses College

  • Being part of a specialty nursing group with a Perioperative Nursing focus which provides leadership and strategic direction
  • Access to professional standards of practice, the College website and the Knowledge & Skills Framework for Perioperative Nursing
  • Representation at regional and national policy and decision making forums, with feedback to members
  • Regular contact through Regional and National groups, networking through regional forums and discounted attendance at the national Conference
  • An excellent Journal - The Dissector
  • Scholarships and awards
  • Opportunity to have your say on your future in perioperative nursing

Note that Student members enjoy all the benefits of belonging to the College, but may not hold office, propose nominations or motions or have voting rights.

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