Women's Health College

Our vision

The Women's Health College will be a significant driving force to ensure all women in Aotearoa/New Zealand will receive optimum healthcare.

Our mission statement and Strategic Plan

Women's Health College is the professional nursing voice for women's health and related issues. As stakeholders we will advocate for women and influence health policy. We aim to provide nursing leadership to promote, support and advance nursing practice in relation to women’s health in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Our logo

The logo is reflective of women’s health and is representative of:

  • the continuum of women’s health
  • a journey
  • embracing
  • every circle has an circle outside symbolising the caring and nurturing nature of nursing in women’s health
  • beginning of life/women’s journey
  • circle of life.

About us

In 2017 we became the Women’s Health College. The history of our group dates back to 2003. Our members are a diverse group of women, working across a wide range of women’s health specialties from all regions of New Zealand.

The college offer annual conferences and educational opportunities through scholarships, the committee works on behalf of the members to raise awareness of women’s health issues.

We contribute to submissions at a national level that affect the health and well being of women in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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