Site help

The tips below are for using this website. If you have questions about NZNO or our services please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Can't see the Drop Down menus?

If you can't see the drop down menus when you hover your mouse over the top menu bar it may be that your security settings are too high, or that your machine has stored an old copy of our website and hasn't updated its files.

Note: We recommend you speak to your network administrator before undertaking the fixes below as they may have impact on other applications.

An alternative way to navigate the site is via the Site Map or using the Search function.

To adjust your security setting in Internet Explorer:

  • Go into Tools | Internet Options | Security Tab.
  • Check that the security level is set to medium (the default). If it's set to high, the drop down menus won't work.

To clear cached files in Internet Explorer:

This will clear all temporary internet files from your browser's cache and so you get the most up-to-date version of the sites you visit.

Note that you will also lose all of your saved passwords and browsing history!

  • Go into Tools | Internet Options | General Tab.
  • Click the Delete Files button.
  • Click OK.

Page hasn't loaded properly?

Sometimes web pages don't load properly. You might notice some images are missing or that text doesn't appear to be formatted correctly. A Refresh will often solve this problem.

Just push Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page (or click the View menu and choose Refresh).

Can't find the information you are looking for?

There are two ways to search on our site: the Search function and the Site Map. You'll find Seach at the top of your window.

Site Search

1. Use the Search function located in the top menu bar
2. Enter the words you're searching for into the box eg: aged care, then click the Search button.
3. A list of search results will appear.
4. Click on the title of the results you wish to view.

Site Map

The Site Map is an overview of the internet site, broken down into sections like a contents page.

As you move your mouse cursor down the page, you will notice it turns into a little hand with a pointed finger. This indicates a link, and if you click on one you will go to the page.

Looking for a particular word on a page?

You can use the Find tool to search for words on the page you're on. Either hold down Ctrl and tap F, or access it from your internet browser's Edit menu.

New to the Internet?

There are plenty of free online tutorials to help get your confidence up. Here are some of the most popular:

Just be aware that free information is often accompanied by paid advertising.

Text too small?

If you are having trouble reading the text because of its size you can change the way your browser displays text.

In Internet Explorer, click on the View menu and choose Text Size. Select the size that best suits you.

Can't open a downloaded file?

Most of the files available for download from this site are either Microsoft Word documents or PDFs.

The most common reason PDFs won't open is that your version of Adobe Reader needs updating. To download Adobe visit and download their most recent version. There is no charge for this software.

If you have difficulty opening a file (or reading the document once opened) please email the Site Administrator.

Forgotten your Membership ID or password?

Please contact Membership at or call them on 0800 28 38 48 and they will look up your membership number in our database. If you send your enquiry via email please remember to include your address or DOB, in case we have other members with the same or similar name as you.

Still having problems?

If your query relates to the work of NZNO please use our general email enquiry form.

If your query relates to a technical aspect of the website please email the Site Administrator.